Erica Sigurdson Cancer Sucks $5 Stand-up Comedy Benefit

Cancer sucks! And it affects us all. I lost my father to colon cancer a few years ago.

Well, they say that laughter is the best medicine and for the entire month of July, stand-up comedian Erica Sigurdson (Twitter @erica_sigurdson) will be donating all the money from sales of her $5 comedy special to fight Lymphoma.

Erica has decided to join team theresa in their fight. You can read about Theresa and her team here:

Here’s a message from the website:

“Dear friends –

We have put together this website to bring together as much information for friends, family and supporters of Theresa as she embarks on this courageous journey against Lymphoma.

As many of you may or may not have heard, Theresa was diagnosed in June of this year with cancer.  Of course this devastating news took everyone by surprise but Theresa’s family and friends have quickly jumped into action to stand with her and Chris and the kids to fight this together.

As of right now, the plan is to get Theresa back to Canada so she can undergo treatment surrounded by her Canadian friends and family.  The costs of bringing everyone over as well as needing to pay for treatment out of pocket for the first couple of months are pretty high.

Theresa is doing the hard part – fighting the cancer – let the rest of us worry about everything else.

There are many ways you can help.  If you can donate financially to the cause, please do.  If you have a service or item you can donate for both the live auction and on-line auction, please do.  We will also need volunteers for the fundraising event that will be held on August 18 and others to follow.

In addition to everything else, leave a supportive comment for Theresa and send your positive energy, prayers and thoughts!

With Gratitude,

Team Theresa!”

You can laugh in the face of cancer by downloading Erica’s special and donating to Team Theresa.

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