Is stand-up comedy having a resurgence? Some new sites suggest it is

Is stand up comedy having a resurgence? Comedians seem to be in the news a lot lately.

Louis CK does something remarkable every other week. First it was selling his special Live at the Beacon Theatre online directly to fans for $5, then it was selling his comedy tickets himself, and now his TV show Louis is the talk of the town – deservedly so.

In addition to Louis CK, some other comedians have gotten a lot of attention recently, but not for the reasons they’d like. Adam Carolla and Daniel Tosh made some derogatory comments/jokes against women and created short-lived firestorms. In the first case, Carolla trotted out the tired wive’s tale that women aren’t as funny as men…blah blah blah. In the second case, Daniel Tosh was heckled by a woman in the audience who didn’t think his comment that “rape is always funny” was very funny.

A couple of interesting comedy sites have sprung up recently. Most notably, and LaughSpin is all comedy news all the time. So far, I’ve been really impressed with it. It’s well laid out and the articles are well-written and well thought out. It’s still early, but I’ve already added it to my daily read list. The second, LOLFlix is a Louis CK-style download site for stand up comedians. You pay $5 and get the special DRM-free. It’s just like, but with a bigger budget. They have comics like Louie Anderson, Jon Lovitz and Caroline Rhea.

Although it’s a competitive site, I’m hoping that it helps standardize the $5 model. I’m hoping it helps reinforce the idea that it’s okay to pay a few bucks for a comedy special.

Time will tell. We never did hear whether Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan did well with their online specials.

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