Reviews for the stand up comedians are in – Ivan Decker and Erica Sigurdson – Excellent Comedy

The very nice people at the serious comedy site (and they do take comedy seriously) have begun reviewing shows at the Waldorft.

The first reviews are for @IvanDecker and @erica_sigurdson – and, well, they really like them.

But, I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves: Read the serious side of comedy’s full review of Ivan Decker here. 

the stand up comedians Ivan Decker comedy special

the stand up comedians Ivan Decker comedy special review

Here’s an excerpt: “Ivan Decker Live at the Waldorf Hotel is an excellent stand-up comedy download mp4. There is not a single low in this 37 minute performance. Decker may be young but he definitely has the chops. The audience’s constant laughter throughout the performance testifies to this. This Live at the Waldorf $5.00 comedy download is part of a series created by Canadians comics based on the “Louis CK model”. The  series features solid performances and production values /…/ you will not go wrong investing in this comedy mp4 even if it is only $5.” You can buy Ivan Decker’s stand up comedy special here

Read the serious side of comedy’s full review of Erica Sigurdson here.

Erica Sigurdson the stand up comedians comedy special review

Erica Sigurdson the stand up comedians comedy special review

Here’s an excerpt: “The Waldorf Hotel tapings are technically flawless. The Erica Sirgurdson download video is excellent.

Sigurdson does not try to hide her Canadian roots and opens with a local BC bit. It also sets the tone for the rest of the show. Sigurdson does biographical, relationship, and observational material. It is not groundbreaking stuff but it is funny. The routine on color-safe bleach is especially good.

Other good bits include one on Spanx. This is where her self-deprecating humor is at its best. The one on kids is also quite fun. It is followed by a very original routine about her “fridge kid” from one of those sponsor a child outfits.”

Thanks again to the good folks at for the kind words.


Is stand-up comedy having a resurgence? Some new sites suggest it is

Is stand up comedy having a resurgence? Comedians seem to be in the news a lot lately.

Louis CK does something remarkable every other week. First it was selling his special Live at the Beacon Theatre online directly to fans for $5, then it was selling his comedy tickets himself, and now his TV show Louis is the talk of the town – deservedly so.

In addition to Louis CK, some other comedians have gotten a lot of attention recently, but not for the reasons they’d like. Adam Carolla and Daniel Tosh made some derogatory comments/jokes against women and created short-lived firestorms. In the first case, Carolla trotted out the tired wive’s tale that women aren’t as funny as men…blah blah blah. In the second case, Daniel Tosh was heckled by a woman in the audience who didn’t think his comment that “rape is always funny” was very funny.

A couple of interesting comedy sites have sprung up recently. Most notably, and LaughSpin is all comedy news all the time. So far, I’ve been really impressed with it. It’s well laid out and the articles are well-written and well thought out. It’s still early, but I’ve already added it to my daily read list. The second, LOLFlix is a Louis CK-style download site for stand up comedians. You pay $5 and get the special DRM-free. It’s just like, but with a bigger budget. They have comics like Louie Anderson, Jon Lovitz and Caroline Rhea.

Although it’s a competitive site, I’m hoping that it helps standardize the $5 model. I’m hoping it helps reinforce the idea that it’s okay to pay a few bucks for a comedy special.

Time will tell. We never did hear whether Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan did well with their online specials.

Erica Sigurdson Cancer Sucks $5 Stand-up Comedy Benefit

Cancer sucks! And it affects us all. I lost my father to colon cancer a few years ago.

Well, they say that laughter is the best medicine and for the entire month of July, stand-up comedian Erica Sigurdson (Twitter @erica_sigurdson) will be donating all the money from sales of her $5 comedy special to fight Lymphoma.

Erica has decided to join team theresa in their fight. You can read about Theresa and her team here:

Here’s a message from the website:

“Dear friends –

We have put together this website to bring together as much information for friends, family and supporters of Theresa as she embarks on this courageous journey against Lymphoma.

As many of you may or may not have heard, Theresa was diagnosed in June of this year with cancer.  Of course this devastating news took everyone by surprise but Theresa’s family and friends have quickly jumped into action to stand with her and Chris and the kids to fight this together.

As of right now, the plan is to get Theresa back to Canada so she can undergo treatment surrounded by her Canadian friends and family.  The costs of bringing everyone over as well as needing to pay for treatment out of pocket for the first couple of months are pretty high.

Theresa is doing the hard part – fighting the cancer – let the rest of us worry about everything else.

There are many ways you can help.  If you can donate financially to the cause, please do.  If you have a service or item you can donate for both the live auction and on-line auction, please do.  We will also need volunteers for the fundraising event that will be held on August 18 and others to follow.

In addition to everything else, leave a supportive comment for Theresa and send your positive energy, prayers and thoughts!

With Gratitude,

Team Theresa!”

You can laugh in the face of cancer by downloading Erica’s special and donating to Team Theresa.

The Stand-up Comedians’ Erica Sigurdson has a brand new comedy special

The Stand-up Comedians’ Erica Sigurdson (Twitter: @erica_sigurdson)has a brand new comedy special out and it’s available here for $5.

Here’s a trailer for Erica’s show:

The reviews are in and they recognize that Erica Sigurdson’s stand-up comedy is absolutely brilliant. This puts the entire “Are Women Funny” question to rest. For good.

Erica is promoting her special in a very unique way, she’s created stand-up comedy cards that she’ll be leaving on the tables at various stand-up comedy venues. If you’re lucky enough to find one – hang on to it – I’m sure it’ll be a collector’s item soon enough. Or, just put it up on your fridge and pretend that the cute little kid is your very own.

Here’s what it looks like:

The stand-up comedians Erica Sigurdson

It’s Erica Sigurdson’s comedy card – it’s a way for her to promote her new stand-up comedy special

Here’s Erica’s Bio:

Based in Vancouver BC, stand-up comedian Erica Sigurdson is a dominating force in the Canadian Comedy scene as well as an award-winning writer.  Her comedy festival credits include Montreal Just For Laughs, Winnipeg, Halifax, St. John’s, Moncton, P.E.I., Sudbury and Vancouver Comedy Festivals.

In addition to countless televised festival appearances, Erica has recorded her own Comedy Now! Special for CTV as well visiting Kandahar in 2006 to record a television special for CBC called Stand-Up in Kandahar which aired in the spring of 2007.

Erica just finished working as a story editor on season one of the new CBC comedy Mr. D.  She has also written for a CTV television variety-show pilot, CBC situational comedy pilot and most notably co-wrote The 21rst Annual Gemini Awards for which she and co-writer Peter Kelamis were awarded a Leo Award for ‘Best Screenwriting in a Comedy, Music or Variety Program or Series’.

Erica is a regular contributor to CBC radio programs, including The Current and Definitely Not The Opera and has been featured on the smash-hit radio show The Debaters a record twenty times.

Erica recorded a brand new comedy special at the legendary Cabaret Room of the Waldorf Hotel. Watch the special now for only $5.



Stand-up Comedian Patrick Maliha has a new comedy special

Stand-up comedian Patrick Maliha was part of the project and has just released his new show.Here’s a taste. This is definitely NSFW, but it’s very funny.

You can watch the full 1-hour long comedy special at
Just so you know what you’re in for in terms of the comedy, here’s Patrick Maliha’s bio:
Patrick Maliha

Stand-up comedian, Patrick Maliha’s act has been described as a Triple
XXX Ray Romano meets a 21st Century Don Rickles. Originally from
Thunder Bay, Patrick now makes his home in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. A
professional Stand-up comedian & talented impressionist, Patrick has
Headlined and MC’ed various shows at a multitude of comedy clubs,
festivals and corporate events through out Canada and the U.S.

In 2008 and 2009 he was voted Favourite Vancouver Comedian in the
prestigious Georgia Straight Best Of Awards and has been featured on
CBC radio, XM and Sirius satellite radio’s various comedy programs.
Patrick broke through the television barrier with his stand-up in 2011
when he was featured on Bite TV’s Stand-Up and Bite Me and his 1 hour
Comedy Now special aired on CTV and The Comedy Network. Currently,
Patrick is a columnist for TV Week Magazine and the world record
holder for most impressions in one minute beating out the previous
record holder, former SNL’er Dana Carvey.

No matter how you slice it Patrick Maliha is very funny, one of
Vancouver’s pre-eminent Stand-up Comedians and according to his Mom,
“Funnier when he doesn’t swear so much.”

Learn more about the Patrick Maliha’s in your area by cyberstalking
him on Facebook or via Twitter: @PattyFatty

Patrick was also on the Urban Rush show today promoting the People’s Champ Comedy Competition – you can watch it here:

Vancouver stand up comedians ready for download – a la Louis CK

People were asking about how the idea for the stand up comedians website came about. I posted a piece about it earlier, but I thought Guy MacPherson‘s article in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight did a really good job laying it out – so, I thought I’d put a link to the article here.

Stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Vancouver stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Here’s a short except:

“I think it’s an idea whose time has come,” says Rhymer, who, along with Sigurdson, performs on Saturday. “How long has the Internet been around? Music figured this out a long time ago. They stopped being beholden to the record labels ages ago.”

Rhymer, like several of the other comics on the bill, has had his own Comedy Now! special on CTV. The problem with those vehicles is the made-for-TV aspect of them, where the performer looks like he is directing his act to the camera rather than the live audience. Add the fact they’re heavily edited and saddled with laugh tracks, and the result is often stilted-looking.

“The great thing with what Paul Breau is doing here,” he says, “is, because it’s online, I can do as much time as I want, I can say whatever the hell I want, and it’s not going to be censored.”

Rhymer is an issues-oriented comic who takes on religion, politics, and corporations both on-stage and online, at his site

“I would love to be sued by Monsanto,” he jokes about the genetically-modified-seed giant. “If I couldn’t make hay out of that, then I should just quit. I fantasize about being sued by Stephen Harper. It would be the best thing ever for my career. Because I would lose and I would just declare bankruptcy.”