The Stand-Up Comedians’ Dylan Rhymer has a new comedy special for $5 Reviews are Great

If you’ve never heard/read/seen Dylan Rhymer’s Stand-up comedy. Then you are missing out. He writes a really funny satirical newsletter called StateOftheWeek – you can check it out here.

There’s a great write-up by the Comedy Killers about Dylan Rhymer’s The Stand-up Comedians $5 comedy special. You can buy the special here.

You can read the entire review here. This is a short excerpt:

“It takes guts to go up onstage and talk about the hypocrisy of religion (Western and otherwise) and the challenges of being a pro-choicer. It’s even gutsier to do so when you know you’re being recorded. Rhymer doesn’t shy away from these topics, and I like that.

In these jokes, Rhymer captures all the hypocrisy-induced rage of being poor in a world-class city, and being left-leaning in a world that still, inexplicably, leans to the right. He’s almost incoherent with frustration in some spots, and you can’t help but feel his pain.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Rhymer’s got a flair for the theatrical, too. He acts out everything from an elderly version of himself to farting on pro-choicers in an elevator. It adds a bit of silliness to the mix, making what may otherwise have been slightly off-putting cynicism something friendlier and more relatable.”

If that doesn’t make you want to buy the $5 special – maybe these teasers will.

And, if that’s still not enough, here’s Dylan Rhymer’s bio:

In the fifteen years that he has been performing stand-up comedy,
Dylan Rhymer has emerged as one of Canada’s most prolific and
passionate satirical minds. He has drawn comparisons to comic legends
Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Bill Hicks. not afraid to embrace
subjects such as religion, abortion, suicide, media brainwashing, war
and blind nationalism, his perspective is always thoughtful,
provocative, brutally honest and very, very funny.

Dylan Rhymer has appeared on
CTV’s Comedy Now!
CBC’s The Debaters
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Chicago Sketchfest
Bumbershoot Arts Festival (Seattle)
Newfoundland Screech Comedy Festival
Canwest Comedy Festival (Vancouver)
Hubcap Comedy Festival
The hit game Scarface The World is Yours where he created, wrote and
voiced the character Dick Hackney, obnoxious 80’s stand-up comedian .
It was a  dream gig.. Seriously. You can totally blow his brains out
and everything.

in 2001 he and a rag-tag bunch of comedians created the laugh gallery
in Vancouver as a means to get stage time and wrangle free burritos
out of a kind Salvadoran lady on commercial drive in Vancouver. it
quickly became the hub of the west coast alt-comedy scene. since its
inception it has featured Zach Galifianakis, Brent Butt, Flight of the
Conchords, Sean Majumder and many, many amazing Vancouver comedians
who don;t make nearly as much money as those famous guys i just
mentioned. It is now the longest-running comedy show in Vancouver.

He is co-creator and performer in Vancouver’s seminal political news
parody group Blackout Broadcast and satirical fake-news blog Dylan
Rhymer’s state of the week.

Dylan Rhymer, along with comedian Baljeet Rai are the creators of
online series nature: red in tooth and claw.  Fans across the globe
tune in to watch the hopelessly inept, alcoholic, ignorant, racist,
homophobic nature show presenter Weston Biggerstaff.

Dylan Rhymer is a stand-up comedian and lives in East Vancouver. By
choice, dammit.

Download Dylan’s new comedy special for only $5 – DRM-free.

Charlie Demers – the stand up comedians – featured in Vancouver’s The Province

As I’ve mentioned, the stand-up comedy community has been really supportive about this project.

Charley Demers (Twitter: @charliedemers) was recently featured in an article in Vancouver’s The Province about the stand up comedians project. Click the link below for the full article.

Great photo of Charlie Demers.

Vancouver comedians Charlie Demers and Paul Breau stand up comedy at the Waldorf

Charlie Demers and Paul Breau are part of the stand up comedians project at the Waldorf Hotel

Here’s another link to Charlie’s special as well as a preview:

Here’s a short bio on stand-up comedians Charlie Demers:

Charles Demers was born and raised in Vancouver. He is an activist and
comedian, a regular performer on CBC Radio One’s The Debaters, and
co-host of Citytv’s comedic panel show The Citynews List in Vancouver.

In 2005, he was the judges’ choice for Vancouver’s funniest new comic;
since then he has been featured on national radio, in print, as well
as in festivals and live venues across Canada and the Pacific
Northwest and with Paul Bae as the sketch duo “Bucket”–the act Robin
Williams called “the future of comedy.”

Charlie Demers has published two books: a novel entitled The
Prescription Errors and a collection of essays called Vancouver
Special. The latter was nominated for a Hubert Evans Non-Fiction

Charlie Demers is a stand-up comic who lives in Vancouver.

Download Charlie Demer’s new comedy special for $5 DRM-free.

Vancouver stand up comedians ready for download – a la Louis CK

People were asking about how the idea for the stand up comedians website came about. I posted a piece about it earlier, but I thought Guy MacPherson‘s article in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight did a really good job laying it out – so, I thought I’d put a link to the article here.

Stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Vancouver stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Here’s a short except:

“I think it’s an idea whose time has come,” says Rhymer, who, along with Sigurdson, performs on Saturday. “How long has the Internet been around? Music figured this out a long time ago. They stopped being beholden to the record labels ages ago.”

Rhymer, like several of the other comics on the bill, has had his own Comedy Now! special on CTV. The problem with those vehicles is the made-for-TV aspect of them, where the performer looks like he is directing his act to the camera rather than the live audience. Add the fact they’re heavily edited and saddled with laugh tracks, and the result is often stilted-looking.

“The great thing with what Paul Breau is doing here,” he says, “is, because it’s online, I can do as much time as I want, I can say whatever the hell I want, and it’s not going to be censored.”

Rhymer is an issues-oriented comic who takes on religion, politics, and corporations both on-stage and online, at his site

“I would love to be sued by Monsanto,” he jokes about the genetically-modified-seed giant. “If I couldn’t make hay out of that, then I should just quit. I fantasize about being sued by Stephen Harper. It would be the best thing ever for my career. Because I would lose and I would just declare bankruptcy.”

News1130 did a story on the stand up comedians website

Hey check it out, News 1130 did a story on the stand up comedians .com website. You can read the whole thing here:–vancouver-based-website-creates-a-new-venue-to-watch-comedy

Here is an except:

“There’s a new place to catch local comedy – but it’s not a venue. All you need is a computer, smartphone or iPad and five bucks.

The idea behind was inspired by Louis CK, who released his stand-up special for $5 on his website. That way he was able to cut out the middleman.

So local funny man Paul Breau decided to launch something similar using Vancouver performers.

“Some Canadian comedians got together and decided to pool our resources and see if we could do the same thing,” he explains. “Often times, local comics couldn’t afford to do that kind of thing on their own.”

Comedians like Graham Clark (Twitter: @grahamclark), Charlie Demers (Twitter: @charliedemers) and Erica Sigurdson (Twitter: @erica_sigurdson) filmed a set in front of a live audience at the Waldorf Hotel. So far, the model is proving to be extremely popular.

“They don’t have to deal with any ads at all, they just pay $5 and download it,” he says. “They can watch it on their commute.”

A new comedian is featured every week.”

The support for this project has been fantastic. I can’t thank everyone enough.

Special Thanks to Elly Lev and everyone at News1130.