Vancouver stand up comedians ready for download – a la Louis CK

People were asking about how the idea for the stand up comedians website came about. I posted a piece about it earlier, but I thought Guy MacPherson‘s article in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight did a really good job laying it out – so, I thought I’d put a link to the article here.

Stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Vancouver stand-up comedians Paul Breau and Dylan Rhymer

Here’s a short except:

“I think it’s an idea whose time has come,” says Rhymer, who, along with Sigurdson, performs on Saturday. “How long has the Internet been around? Music figured this out a long time ago. They stopped being beholden to the record labels ages ago.”

Rhymer, like several of the other comics on the bill, has had his own Comedy Now! special on CTV. The problem with those vehicles is the made-for-TV aspect of them, where the performer looks like he is directing his act to the camera rather than the live audience. Add the fact they’re heavily edited and saddled with laugh tracks, and the result is often stilted-looking.

“The great thing with what Paul Breau is doing here,” he says, “is, because it’s online, I can do as much time as I want, I can say whatever the hell I want, and it’s not going to be censored.”

Rhymer is an issues-oriented comic who takes on religion, politics, and corporations both on-stage and online, at his site

“I would love to be sued by Monsanto,” he jokes about the genetically-modified-seed giant. “If I couldn’t make hay out of that, then I should just quit. I fantasize about being sued by Stephen Harper. It would be the best thing ever for my career. Because I would lose and I would just declare bankruptcy.”

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